GJJ passenger hoist motor Good performance SC200/SC200 electric construction hoist elevator AC380V rossi motor

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380V GJJ hoist motor Good performance SC/SC electric construction hoist elevator AC motors

GJJ passenger hoist motor, we also provide SEW NORD Rossi motor.

Rossi HBZ_100LB4_4.25 kW

Rossi HBZ_132M4_10.6 kW

Rossi HBZ_132MC4_15.5 kW

Rossi HBZ_132S4_7.8 kW

Rossi HBZ_160L4_22.5 kW

Rossi HBZ_160SC4_15.5 kW

Rossi HBZ_180L4_33 kW

Rossi HBZ_200L4_B5_48060_36kW

Model Construction hoist spare parts mechanical parts
Power 11kw/15kw
speed 1400r/min
Brakemoment 120Nm 
D.Speed 1403r/min
Frequency 50Hz
Connection Y
Brake Gap 1.5mm  
Voltage 380V   
Current  24A a.c/1A.D.C   
Lnsulation Class F/F  
Model construction hoist gearbox
Ratio  16: 1
Rating 11kw 
Input 1500r/min 
Center distance 125

A. Features

1.It is equipped with fully safety devices to guarantee the safe working;
2.Stable running and comfortable adaptability;
3.The transmission system adopts two-drive motors and three-drive motors. Planar double-eveloping worm gear reducer is adopted ensuring the high efficiency, max payload and long service life;

4.Simple electrical control system, easy operation and convenient maintenance withlow failure rate.

B.Tower Crane Hoist Motor is one part of construction hoist:

1. Production process: Strict material selection— blanking— inspection — welding— inspection— Blasting — inspection —Baking finished or galvanized— inspection — Finished Product;

2. The product can be customized according to customers’requirements (drawing, specifications and so on);

3. The cage is boarded up by all punched aluminum sheet ,Sidewall of Wire Mesh for cage is also avaliable. The size can be arranged to your requirement;
4. Main structure of cage is made of high-quality steel after bending.(The bended steel is firm, good verticality, stability.  Moreover it ensure stable of the whole structure);
5. Electrical an Mechanical interlock: Door safety switches, Slack rope switch;

6. Upper and bottom limit swithes, trap door limit switch;
7. Overload protector;
8. Bottom Buffer;
9. Level Calling system and auto leveling device to be choose;
C.Features of the Y series 3 phase & 2 phase electric motor
1.Compact design and comfortable operating experience;

2.Single or double cage configurations;

3.Design without counterweight;
4.Use perforated aluminum plate as a decorative plate of the cage;
5.Galvanize Mast section offered;
6.Wide range of optional equipments and functions;
7.Competitive factory price;
8.Move by good quality rack and pinion;
9.Stable platform lift;

D.Our services

When your order shipping out .we will provide you a tracking no in express or B/L. then you can know clearly the status of the goods


Type Cage Capacity (kg) Speed (m/min) Motor (kw)
SC 200 single 2000 36 3*11
SC 200/200TD double 2000*2 36 2*3*11
SC 100 single 1000 36 2*11
SC 100/100TD double 1000*2 36 2*2*11
SC 150 single 1500 36 2*11
SC 150/150TD double 1500*2 36 2*2*11
SC 270 single 2700 36 3*15
SC 270/270TD double 2700*2 36 2*3*15
SC 320 single 3200 36 3*18.5
SC 320/320TD double 3200*2 36 2*3*18.5
VFD device optional, the speed:0-36 m/min,0-63 m/min,0-96 m/min
Can be customized according to customers’ demand





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