The key points to be paid attention to in the whole process of construction of the construction hoist transmission mechanism

The key points to be paid attention to in the whole process of construction of the construction hoist transmission mechanism   

Like the shotcrete machine, the construction elevator drive mechanism is an indispensable industrial equipment in the construction of construction projects. Its work characteristics are not only related to the process of the project, but also to the life safety of the workers. So in order to ensure that the work process can be carried out on time under the prerequisite of ensuring the safety of the workers’ lives, this requires everyone to pay attention to the following when using the construction elevator:   

① The rope break protector should be intact, the response should be dexterous, and the posture should be reliable.   

②The cage does not need to descend when it stays, and it restarts to rise in mid-air without an instant drop.   

③The lift of the cage door should be relaxed, and the franchise characteristics should be excellent. The cage can only be started when the cage door is completely closed.   

④ For dual-use lifts for people and goods and cargo lifts with a rated load capacity above 405kg, the base should be equipped with a cage and counterweight buffer equipment.  

⑤ Each cage of SC. elevator should be equipped with a progressive safety device, and its braking distance should be 0.25-1.1m. Instantaneous safety devices cannot be used.  

The hydraulic lift drift of the construction lift transmission mechanism and the solution Some ships’ hydraulic lifts use plunger pump cylinders for rising up, and lowering is done by the lift’s own net weight. During the entire application process, there have been situations where the lift drifted upward when the lift was in the lowered position, which improved the machine. Unsafe elements of equipment. The article starts with the analysis of the lift hydraulic transmission system and components, finds the cause of the drift, and clearly proposes ways to improve the hydraulic transmission system to deal with the drift problem of the lift. 2 The root cause of elevator drift 2.1 The basic principle of the hydraulic drive system of the elevator drifting upward is shown in Figure 1. When the manual hydraulic reversing valve in the computer operating system connects the A and P ports, the elevator rises upward; on the contrary, when the A and When the T port is connected, the lift is lowered. The function of the one-way throttle valve in the system software is to adjust the lift speed of the lift. After the lift is in the lower limit position, the manual hydraulic directional valve repairs the middle part. At this time, the A port No communication with P and T ports, the elevator should be maintained at the lowered position. But in order to reduce the internal leakage of the manual hydraulic directional valve, except for the small gap between the valve core and the valve sleeve to achieve isolation between the ports In addition, the oil inlet and delivery pump was also upgraded, so that the leakage rate was 3Ml/min.

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